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Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a form of therapy to treat issues with communication, motor skills, and behavioral disorders. The American Psychological Association classifies ABA as an evidence-based practice, meaning it’s been supported by the peer-reviewed literature as a form of treatment. My Special Village will work closely with you to address behavior challenges and promote positive change in the environment where you and your child are most at ease. We provide service options in the home, school, and in clinic. To Get Started please contact us for more information.

Service Options


Services provided in the child’s natural environment to improve targeted skills or behaviors.   Due to work schedules or other daily responsibilities, in-home therapy is often easier for some families.


Services provided in a structured environment where parents and caregivers can be active participants in teaching during classroom like routines.  Children are typically in the center between 8:30am -3:30pm.


Some schools allow for our therapist to work with your children in their natural academic environment.  This is usually allowed in a private school environment only.

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