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Finding the right sitter can be overwhelming.  Couple with the fact that you may have a child with special needs.  Not only does the individual need to be responsible, dependable, and of course trustworthy but just as important someone with experience with your child’s specific special need.  My Special Needs Village takes the stress off the parents and vets only the most qualified candidates.  We then become the middleman to ensure that your child’s care is to your standards.  If you are not satisfied with your caretaker, want to make a change, or just redirect all together just let us know and we will take care of it for you. 


Full Time:

(Permanent – commitment is usually a minimum of 6 months) Sitter works 30 hours or more per week:
***Membership Fee of $150
*** Referral Fee $1,195 (paid upon hiring sitter)
*** Hourly Rates typically between $17 – $25 per hour to be paid directly to the sitter

Part Time

(Permanent – commitment is usually a minimum of 6 months) Sitter works less than 30 hours per week:
*** Membership Fee of $150
*** Referral Fee $1,195 (paid upon hiring sitter)
*** Hourly Rates typically between $17 – $25 per hour to be paid directly to the sitter

Sporadic/As Needed:

Sitter has no set schedule but will be scheduled as needed.
**Membership Fee of $150
*** Booking Fee of $25 per day
*** Hourly Rates typically between $17 – $25 per hour to be paid directly to the sitter


Permanent Sitters Positions will take 2-6 weeks.

Sporadic as needed will be filled based on the required need. 

Families are responsible for  paying the sitter directly.

Our Sitters have backgrounds in education, therapy, and industries working with children with special needs.  We require previous experience working with special needs children. 

My Special Village Sitters work with individuals with special needs up to 21 years old

Our sitters must go through an extensive screening process to include the following:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Sexual Misconduct Check
  • Employer Reference Check
  • Personal Reference Check
  • Driving Record Check (if you position requires transportation)

The membership fee is paid prior to the discovery call.  The membership fee covers the cost of the search for your qualified candidate.   At My Special Village we work to match families with the most qualified professionals.  This process involves proper screening and verification of each candidate.

In the event you hire one of our candidates in a permanent role (full or part time) you will then pay a referral fee.  

This fee includes:

  • 1 Month Guarantee: free replacement if the sitter does not work out within the first month.
  • One-Year Discount: In the rare event that the sitter’s employment is terminated in the first year, you will receive a credit to apply toward your next search. 
  • Background Checks and Screening: Each sitter is pre-screened and completes a phone as well as an in-person interview.  We check each candidates’ references and require that they pass two background checks.
  • Backup care options if your nanny is sick or unable to work.
  • Ongoing support for parents. We are here to help on any topic, such as getting your sitter on payroll, offering benefits or perks, and how to maintain a professional, respectful sitter-employer relationship.

This is only when you are hiring a sporadic / as needed sitter.  This fee is not associated with a more permanent sitter. 

If you select a permanent sitter (part or full time) you will have several interview sessions and will be able to select your sitter prior to hiring.  Unfortunately, when hiring sporadic/as needed sitters we do our best to match your family with the most suitable candidate.    Once you have been with our agency for some time you may come to have a favorite sitter.  If that’s the case, we recommend you put in a request, and we will start with your first choice of sitters.  

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1:  Fill out The Family Application.

This way we can know as much about your family and your special need child or children.  We also care for non-special needs kids too so feel free to let us know about them as well.
Fill Out Family Application Here

Step 2: Discovery Session

After the application we will reach out to schedule a discovery session.  This discovery session will be virtual where you can find out more about us and our process.  At this time, we will gather as much information about what you are looking for in a sitter.  This will allow us to match you with the best fit for your family’s needs.

Step 3: Special Needs Professional Search

Now the search begins! Our recruiter starts with our pool of qualified candidates and filters through based on the families’ requirements.

Step 4: Interviews

My Special Village will provide you with 3 candidates to interview.  Our goal is to only send you qualified, reliable, and good fit candidates.

Step 5: Candidate Selection

At this stage you will now select your candidate and a member of the village will begin based on the agreed upon start date.

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