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KISS ABA utilizes Applied Behavior Analysis to provide a variety of support to our clients and indirectly their families.  Comprehensive services include:  assessment, treatment plan development, direct & indirect supervision, parent & caregiver training, discharge planning, and direct treatment.

We employ a unique approach designed to enhance the quality of our clients’ lives and to enable them to become productive members of their community.

Our services are tailored to the individual needs of the child and offer therapy sessions at home, our clinic, and via telehealth to meet the needs of today’s busy family lifestyle and working parents.

Proudly accredited as a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) provider, we are recognized by most insurance carriers as a leading provider of ABA therapy for their members.

Premiere Children’s Therapy –

About Premiere Children’s Therapy

Premier is more than just a clinic…

It is a community of professionals and families who are committed to pursuing the best possible outcomes for children.

Our therapists have the combination of knowledge, skill, and compassion.  They understand that it really takes a village to raise a child!  With their past and current work in pediatric habilitative and rehabilitative speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy, outpatient services, public and private school systems, and Early Intervention, our therapists bring their wealth of experience in caring for the children and working with their families.

Organization Resources

Atlanta Autism Consortium –

About Atlanta Autism Consortium

“Doing Together What No One Organization Can Do On Its Own”

The Atlanta Autism Consortium, Inc. (AAC) is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to connecting individuals and organizations around autism, sharing diverse perspectives and developing effective partnerships.

Founded in 2008, the AAC works to connect the full spectrum of the Metro Atlanta autism community, including families, adult individuals with autism, researchers, clinicians, educators and advocates by working to foster better understanding and cultivate more meaningful collaboration throughout the Atlanta area. The AAC produces monthly FREE educational programs and events for the autism community, and partners with many other organizations throughout Atlanta on workshops, retreats, forums and other events.

The AAC brings the spectrum of perspectives and interests concerning autism together in a safe and constructive environment. We strive to sustain a vibrant consortium that fosters an active and effective Atlanta autism community through our values:


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