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In the State of Georgia, you must be a parent or a legal guardian of a child before you can file a declaration of intent to homeschool that child. You may hire a tutor to help you homeschool your child. The teaching parent or guardian or the tutor in a home study program must have a high school diploma or a GED. My Special Village Tutors are all educated professionals with special needs experience.  By developing a homeschool program for your special needs child your child will have the flexibility to receive the therapies that may be needed for their development.  No need to stress out about school hours and transportation issues.  Even for full time working parents homeschool is very possible.  If you have ever considered it but don’t know where to start, please contact us for direction on how we can get you started.


Time is based on the need for the child. Please contact us to complete a customized plan based on your availability.
*** Rates starting @ $40 per hour


Tutor Positions usually take up to 2-3 weeks.

No, our Tutors can be used for both homeschool programs and as needed academic support.

Our agency will pay your Tutor directly so no need to worry about payroll and taxes.

Yes, My Special Needs Village Tutors can help you structure the perfect homeschool plan.  In addition to this the tutor will be able to help with carrying out the plan. 

Our sitters must go through an extensive screening process to include the following:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Sexual Misconduct Check
  • Employer Reference Check
  • Personal Reference Check
  • Driving Record Check (if you position requires transportation)

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1:  Fill out The Family Application.

This way we can know as much about the educational needs of your special needs child.

Fill Out Family Application Here

Step 2: Discovery Session

After the application we will reach out to schedule a discovery session.  This discovery session will be virtual where you can find out more about us and our process.  At this time, we will gather as much information about what you are looking for in a tutor.   This will allow us to match you with the best fit for your family’s needs. 

Step 3: Special Needs Professional Search

Now the search begins! Our recruiter starts with our pool of qualified candidates and filters through based on the families’ requirements. 

Step 4: Interviews

My Special Village will provide you with 3 candidates to interview.  Our goal is to only send you qualified, reliable, and good fit candidates.

Step 5: Candidate Selection

At this stage you will now select your candidate and a member of the village will begin based on the agreed upon start date. 

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